Multi-cup Solutions was established in 2010 primarily focused on providing disposable beverage and allied paper packaging solutions to the Food Service and branded QSR markets.

As a company with humble beginnings with a small team of 8 people we have grown to become a recognised major player in the disposable food and beverage markets. Currently the Multi-cup Solutions team is close to 150 employees.

According to Derek Couzens (CEO) and co-founder shareholder the team’s willingness to secure solutions for the client’s requirements by thinking out of the box and being innovative are strong characteristics of the staff.

In 2012, the company was acquired by Libstar and is currently operating as a division of Libstar Operations (Pty) Ltd. Further growth took place in 2013 when the company Foodpac was acquired by Libstar and merged with Multi-cup Solutions.

Over time Multi-cup Solutions has kept pace with the changes/demands in the market and has as a company evolved from being only an importer to adding local supply to its stable. In the beginning dealing with off shore countries the language barrier produced some strange deliveries but this has been overcome by opening our own South Asian office in South Korea. The advantage of an international office gives Multi-cup Solutions a greater visibility and understanding of some of the global trends which are developing as well as a closer presence to manufacturing concerns and challenges.

Keeping market trends in mind, approximately two years ago, Multi-cup Solutions long term strategy shifted to meet the growing demand for environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. Multi-cup Solutions has added a wide range of environmentally-friendly products to their product list which offers solutions to existing and potential customers who seek to secure eco-friendly sustainable solutions to the their food packaging requirements.

Multi-cup Solutions has attended and participated in numerous trade shows and events. Lizette Lamprecht (National Sales Executive) reports that attending these shows has increased her awareness of the market requirements.

There have certainly been challenges along the way. Despite the constraints of a weak economic climate there will always be challenges and opportunities in the food packaging industry. According to Jannie Prinsloo (National Operations Manager) Multi-cup Solutions has a strong vision with good values to support all stakeholders. This statement is supported by Martie Wright (CFO) that the company has stood the test of time and is considered stable and strong.

At Multi-cup Solutions we look forward to further growth within the company and creating a greener future.