With the festive season around the corner, braving the shopping malls and planning your Christmas dinner can be quite the exercise. We thought we’d help relieve some of that stress by putting together a comprehensive list of our favourite Rialto products for you to plan your festive shopping – and even better, you can purchase most of these online at our Online Shop!


Make a platter of all your favourite nibbles, like Goldcrest Black and Green Pitted Olives, Goldcrest Artichokes, cheeses like Ile De France Petite Brie and Zanetti Grana Padano and cured meats like Prosciutto Crudo and Parma Ham. Arrange on a board with some Italian Colussi Crackers and Roberto Breadsticks and spreads like Goldcrest Fig Jam for your guests to help themselves. For a delicious dish, try this Parmesan Crusted Artichoke recipe or this Parma Ham Camembert Bake.




Whether you’re going full traditional or more contemporary, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Rialto. For the traditional, if you’d like a proper glazed ham try our Bonne Maman jams and Goldcrest Marachino Cherries. We also suggest our Goldcrest Cranberry Jelly, Mint Jelly and Apple Sauce for your festive sides. If you’d like to go Italian, try a lasagne made using Granoro Lasagne Sheets or a cannelloni using Granaro Cannelloni. No pasta is complete without Granaro Passata sauce. For something completely different, try this Antipasto Pizza.



No festive table is complete without a traditional Italian Maina Panettone. Sweet and delicious, these delicious cakes can be served with ice cream, cream, as is with a glass of Marsala wine, or as a component of a Bread and Butter pudding. Available in different flavours like Chocolate, Fruit, Citrus and Tiramisu.