Exotic Mushroom Bruschetta

Serves: 8
Difficulty: Easy

Cooking Time: 5 Mins
Prep Time: 5 Mins

Dietary: None
Allergens: Gluten


Ciabatta bread 8 sliced, Exotic mushrooms 300g chopped, Red chilli 2 t chopped, Garlic 2 t crushed, Italian parsley 2 T chopped, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 T, Salt and pepper to season


1. toast the bread slices, plate them on a serving dish

2. put Evoo in a skillet, add garlic and chilies for a few seconds and then add mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper, cover and leave on a low heat until soft.

3. Scoop the sauteed mushrooms on the toasted breads and sprinkle with chopped Italian parsley to garnish.