In the effort to reduce single-use plastic packaging, using bagasse as packaging material is a sustainable alternative to food packaging requirements.

What is bagasse? It is the fibrous matter that remains after the juices of the sugarcane has been extracted by crushing the stalks. In the past this residue was considered as waste material and burnt. It can also be used as a biofuel to produce power.

Extensive research and trials have been done to use bagasse as raw material for food packaging containers. The sugarcane pulp is disinfected, saponified to improve the fibre’s binding ability and during the moulding process most of the water content is removed. In the final stages of moulding with heat and the compression of the material all remaining water is removed, the bonding between fibres increased and the material is strengthen. A wide range of food containers are manufactured today from bowls to food trays.

What are the advantages of using bagasse packaging?

It is compostable and biodegradable

The raw material is a plant-based renewable resource

It is eco-friendly to the planet

It forms part of a closed loop cycle

Reduces waste going to landfills

At Multi-cup Solutions we have recognised the value that bagasse packaging containers can add to our enviro-friendly range of products. An exciting new development is the extension of our range with bagasse food trays for meat and fresh produce, adding to the existing range of food containers and plates.

In order to test the degrading process of the products we at Multi-cup Solutions did an internal test with inserting bagasse food boxes into a typical home composting situation. Within a short space of time (two weeks) the degrading process had started. Furthermore we had some external tests done by a South African based company. The food trays were placed in a windrow without any pre-treatment of the material and pre-treated with water to simulate used packaging. In both situations within a two week period micro-organism activity was clearly visible.




Multi-cup Solutions has also done trials in the market place with a selection of retail outlets to test the durability of the food trays.  Testing a range of different food products over different periods of time packaged in the bagasse food trays has proved most successful. The food products retained their freshness and colour, and most importantly added to shelf-life  The rigid nature of the food trays gave the food products protection along the supply chain and was easy for the food packers to use. In conclusion bagasse packaging provides major environmental advantages without reducing the quality of the product.

Independent testing in the UK has found that bagasse packaging helps to extend the shelf life of fruit. The reasons being the material is naturally porous which allows breathability and the moisture absorbing component creates a drier environment.

Multi-cup Solutions, as a well-established food and beverage packaging supplier in the South African market, is continuously adding new products to their range of environmentally friendly products.  With the latest exciting product being the range of food trays, please contact your representative for more details or browse on the website.

At Multi-cup Solutions we support “Earth Day” by offering environmentally friendly packaging products in order to contribute to creating a more sustainable and healthy future for our planet.

For more information on our full range of recyclable and enviro friendly food and beverage packaging contact us on 011 058 4200.