The buzz words lately are sanitize, clean and wash hands!!!

Where did it all start, the need to develop hygienic habits.

The word “hygiene” comes from Hygeia, the Greek goddess of health. In biblical times Moses already dictated to the Israelites laws regarding personal hygiene. In 600BC the ancient Greeks started using public baths and much later in 19BC the Roman emperor Agrippa built the first public bath. The use of a public bath became very popular and many baths were built throughout the region.

Ash was a common ingredient used to create cleaning materials. In 1600 in Britain used the ashes of rosemary to clean their teeth and powdered sage was a whitening agent.

Later during the second half of the 19th century with the discovery of the germ theory of disease, hygiene and sanitation became vital factors in the control and restriction of the spread of diseases and illnesses. Florence Nightingale is considered a pioneer of hygienic practices and her efforts to improve hygienic conditions in hospitals significantly lowered the death rates in the hospitals.

It is prevalent that during the ages there was a growing awareness of the importance of hygienic habits. Today we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic where the prevention of the virus spreading is important on all levels, including personal, public spaces and work place cleaniness.

Lifestyle changes and lockdown rules have been implemented to protect ourselves against the COVID-19 disease. Herewith are some tips to consider to avoid getting infected.


– Wash your hands regulary for at least 20sec per time

– Don’t cough or sneeze into your hands

– Clean high-touch surfaces in your home with proper cleaning products

– Wash unpackaged food thoroughly with running water


– Regulary disinfect your work station

– Be aware of office germ hot spots like doorknobs and water fountains

– Sanitise your hands with correct sanitiser

– Remember social distance and keep your distance


– Always have your sanitiser handy

– Stick to good personal cleaniness habits

– Rethink your travel plans to reduce being in public spaces

Unfortunately there is a downside to all the protection measures that have been put in place, COVID-19 waste pollution. Divers from the French non-profit Operation Mer Propre have found an increasing amount of gloves, masks and other plastic waste contected to the pandemic on the ocean floor of the Mediterranean sea. June being environment month we need to keep cognizance of the impact disposable waste has on the environment. It is important that stringent waste management is implemented to ensure that disposable items are correctly disposed of.

In our aim to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus we at Multi-cup Solutions have added a range of hand sanitisers and surface cleaning products to our range. This is a supportive supplement to the existing protective disposable wear/cleaning cloth range supplied by Multi-cup Solutions.

For more information on the above products please contact us on 011 058 4200 or browse our website.