During the past few months most of the media coverage has been on the COVID-19 pandemic which is real, unbelievable and has an impact on everyone.

Taking the focus off the pandemic and looking towards  the “new normal”. What is the “new normal”?  It is predicted that a new way of life, working conditions and different systems/measures will be put in place.  On a positive note this is the ideal opportunity to relook and maybe change habits and find solutions to existing problems.

As a solution to the existing plastic pollution problem on our planet  Multi-cup Solutions has developed a range of environmentally -friendly packaging suitable for the retail outlets.  This range meets the needs of the eco-conscious consumer who seeks sustainable packaging solutions.

Although part of the Multi-cup Solutions stable the range is marketed under the name of Precious Planet.

The name Precious Planet reflects the value of our planet and by supplying ‘earth-loving packaging’ which is not detrimental to the environment underlines the importance to protect our planet.  The dark green of the logo relates to the environment and the circular shape the planet.  The slogan for this range is “GO GREEN before the Green goes” which is a stark reminder of the urgency to change our habits to save our planet.

The range is divided into four categories, namely paper cups, bagasse plates, wooden cutlery and paper straws.  Each category is colour coded to represent an element of the planet.   For example the blue represents the rivers and oceans on the planet.

Each product in the range is certified compostable and is available in retail pack sizes for the convenience of the consumer.

The outer carton of the packaging is recyclable and is made from kraft paper to create an earth/enviro appeal.

 Multi-cup Solutions, as a well-established food and beverage packaging supplier, we are continuously researching and investigating new raw materials and products to curb the plastic pollution problems on our planet.  We are confident that by promoting  the Precious Planet range of earth-loving products will have a two-fold result with the retail consumer. Being packed in convenient pack sizes the range offers a choice to the eco-conscious consumer and an alternative to the non-enviro products on the shelf to the regular customer.

The main advantages of using the Precious Planet products are the following:

  •      All products are made from sustainable plant-based resources.

  •      The products are compostable and decompose back into the environment within a short period of time.

  •      Being compostable reduces waste going to landfills.

  •      The products are presentable and practical (ideal to use at a braai).

For more information on the above products please contact us on 011 058 4200 or browse our website.