Infant Nutrition

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World-class brand building, route to market solutions, and technical expertise.

Rialto Food is a dynamic consumer goods company which offers a comprehensive solution to local and international brands in the Southern Africa. We work in partnership with our clients through joint planning to adapt these proven solutions to drive real value and effective routes to market. Using best in class execution, we have a proven track record of fostering, developing, and sustainably growing our partners’ businesses.


For about 70 years, the family-owned company HiPP has been committed to producing organic baby food. This means that HiPP set new standards long before “being organic” was a trend. HiPP became one of the best-known brands in Germany and a symbol of ecological, economic and socially sustainable entrepreneurship. The supreme quality of all our HiPP products is based on the careful selection of raw materials. At HiPP, parents can rely on nutritionally balanced products, age-appropriate recipes and strictly controlled premium organic quality.

Organic quality

We guarantee the highest quality.

Even the soil from our farms is carefully analysed to detect harmful pollutants, and we carry out tests on every single one of our finished products.

Why does HiPP Organic have its own organic seal?

First of all based on established tradition. We started organic farming in 1956. Back then, organic was not a big issue. We have driven organic cultivation with full conviction. This is how we set new and higher standards for the quality of baby food. These quality measures are taken into account in the selection of soil, cultivation and processing and are therefore also in every HiPP Organic product.

What is the legal EU organic seal?

For a product to carry the EU organic seal, the EU organic regulation (and seal) prohibits the use of chemical-synthetic sprays and fertilizers, green genetic engineering and artificial colours and preservatives, flavours or flavour enhancers.

Sustainable company

We remain dedicated to sustainability – working with nature and truly caring more about the environment, to keep our farmland rich and fertile for the future. For about 70 years our family has sought to protect nature, use its valuable resources responsibly and preserve its natural biodiversity. You can be completely confident your baby is getting the highest quality baby food, produced in a sustainable way.