Pasta & Rice

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A comprehensive offering of superior quality pasta in a variety of formats for an unforgettable culinary experience. The Classic range is ideal for everyday cooking, whilst for special occasions, the Dedicato Range, which is extruded through bronze dyes for a rougher texture, or the Bakery, Lasagne or Cannelloni lines, would be a perfect choice. If you are looking for the right balance between taste and health, try the Wholewheat or Gluten Free ranges.


The founder of Granoro, Attilio Mastromauro descends from a family that has been producing pasta for generations. Granoro pasta is produced with passion and commitment in the heart of Italy, using only top-quality durum wheat to guarantee an intense flavour and the perfect texture for each dish. Since 1967, Granoro has been producing authentic Italian pasta, with a high protein content and the unmistakable sent of the best durum wheat.

The pasta has adequate thickness for uniform cooking times and is porous to allow for an excellent yield and maximum digestibility. No starch remains in the water and the pasta is elastic and full-bodied and maintains an optimal consistency even after cooking, offering an al dente experience that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.